Weekly SALE!

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Hey guys! Chix from the Stix is having their new weekly sale! All their stuff is sooo cute! Their newest BEST selling item on sale is their CFTS rain jacket in custom monogram apparel. It is super cute and comfortable. It’s perfect for the new spring weather too! Check out this rain jacket while it lasts! It makes a perfect monogrammed gift. Rain jacket


First Order!

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I just made my first order on the Chix From The Stix website. All of their stuff is so cute I just could not decide what to get! They have a million different patterns and colors to choose from, I spent hours trying to pick one because I loved them all. When I finally made my decision I couldn’t have been happier with what I got! It is definitely trendy and gorgeous! I got a new square duffel bag, and a zip sweatshirt. Both are going to be custom monogrammed! I will upload pictures for ya’ll when I get them! In the meantime check it out, you won’t regret it!DUFFLE


CFTS Rain Jacket

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Check out this super cute rain jacket from Chix from the Stix! You can get it custom monogrammed by them on the hood, on the front, or anywhere you want! With the rainy season coming fast this is a must have. It comes in 28 different colors and comes in all sizes XS-XL. It is the perfect piece of outerwear to an outfit that will keep you dry inside and out! I think it’s not only trendy, but very significant! Check it out! New Englander Rain JacketRain jacket.png

Bling your Ding

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Today I went website searching for something new and creative, and I have found just that. Bling your Ding is such a neat idea, and somewhat comical. They create car magnets to look like band aids, or other pictures for you to put on a “ding” on your car. They are at a great price too! Go check it out and let me know your thoughts! I think they are awesome!

Chix From The Stix

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Today I checked out this site called Chix from the Stix. They do custom monograms on clothing items, bags, boots, and more. It is high quality too! Their stuff is crazy cute and trendy. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Website! It is totally worth it!